Bariatric Obesity Surgery

Bariatric Obesity Surgery (weight loss surgery)

Due to increasing number of obese individuals as well as obesity related diseases, more people with said concerns are opting to the last treatment and that is bariatric obesity surgery. Weight loss surgery widely known now in the United States as well as Europe and even other part of the world. Indeed it is a complex topic and a very complicated decision to make for a certain individual as it involves a lot of benefits and side effects. One of the common weight loss surgeries being conducted these days is bariatric obesity surgery in which they say is safer than the gastric bypass.

The process involved in bariatric obesity surgery

This surgery is similar to the more common Roux-en-Y procedure. Although both processes include creating a small pouch on top of the stomach, their differences are with the medical device they use in creating the pouch. Gastric bypass surgery generally uses surgical staples in separating the small pouch from the large portion.

bariatric obesity surgery This usually leads to several complications such as a leak in the stapled area, slow wound healing and recovery, a possible blood clot and even much serious complications. On the other hand, bariatric obesity surgery makes use of a silicone band to separate the pouch from the main stomach. These silicone bands are flexible and adjustable as well as yields less side effects or complications.

The reason why there are minimal bariatric obesity surgery risks and side effects is because the band being used is adjustable. The surgeon can tighten or loosen the band depending on the needs and response of the patient. It is always recommended that you discuss this matter with your doctor before you make a decision to whether you undergo a weight loss surgery or not. Always seek advice for bariatric obesity from anyone who is knowledgeable in this field would be very helpful for you to make the right decision.

Bariatric obesity surgery procedures are also considered as less invasive compared to other surgeries because this particular type of operation does not involve major incisions during the entire process. The surgeon will only make minor incisions and inserts the laparoscopic telescope (a medical device used as guide to see the inside of the stomach) for the insertion of the lap-band later on the process. As a result of this, the patient wound will heal faster and it does not require a long recovery stay in the hospital after the procedure.

Bariatric obesity surgery statistics

According to some bariatric obesity statistics in which there is a comparison between the gastric bypass and the bariatric obesity surgery, more surgeons preferred the second type of surgery since it much safer for the patient and is less complicated. before you decide for any of these weight loss surgeries, it is important that you weigh the pros and cons very carefully.

However, though the process involved in the bariatric obesity surgery is more complex and requires a surgeon whom has more experience and expertise in this field, the result it gives later on will be favorable to the patient.